Management Policy

Basic Management Policy

At Ultrafabrics Holdings, our basic management philosophy is to do everything in our power to create and develop quality and value that satisfy customers. It also entails our continued, proactive efforts to conserve the environment and save energy, as well as the goal of being a company that is trusted by stakeholders, including consumers, business partners and shareholders. By adhering to this philosophy, we administer our business in a way that consistently promotes the lifestyles and well-being of employees, grows the company, increases profits for shareholders, and serves the public.

Quality Policy

1. Focus on customer needs
We endeavor to develop appealing products, raise productivity, and improve services, all with a clear understanding of customer needs.
2. Compliance with rules
We endeavor to strictly comply with laws, regulations, standards and customer criteria as they pertain to production.
3. Preventing accidents from recurring
We work to take corrective action and precautions, as well as effective preventive and pre-emptive measures analyzed from complaints, and we endeavor to pass on the knowledge gained thereby.
4. Production and business process reviews
We conduct reviews of production and business processes, and we endeavor to enact effective, continuous improvements.
5. Strengthening cooperation with partner companies
We deepen our cooperation with partner companies, and we endeavor to improve upon our great procurement, production and sales organizations.

Furthermore, as we consider improving product quality a task of utmost importance, we are constantly working to create and open up new markets, with the idea of making new leaps forward.